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Here is how you can keep track of the score while playing Spades.

Post publication date: November 28, 2022

Benefits of playing spadesSpades is a popular trick-taking game under the Whist family. The rules are straightforward allowing all family members, regardless of age, to enjoy the game as they should. In fact, playing Spades is one of the most common leisure activities among all ages

But just like any other game, Spades has a scoring system to determine the winner. If anything, it’s the part of the game that needs the most attention to detail, because, after all, the score sheet is where Spades starts and ends.

Before delving into the nuances of scoring Spades, let’s first review how it’s played.

How to Play Spades

Spades is one of those games that’s easier to learn as you go. To start, here are the essential things you need to know:

Playing spades

  • Spades is a partnership game normally played by four people using the standard 52-card deck.
  • The dealer starts the game by dividing the cards equally among the players. Each player gets 13 cards.
  • Each player may only play one card per turn or “trick.” That means in each game, there are 13 “tricks” up for grabs.
  • Every won trick earns points, but there are also ways in which you end up losing points.
  • The game’s ultimate objective is for a team to reach 500 points before the other pair does.

These are the most essential things you need to know about Spades. However, you’ll learn more about strategy as you play along. We’ll get into the specifics now by examining the three stages of the game: the deal, bidding, and gameplay.


The game starts by selecting a dealer, often by drawing cards. After selecting the dealer, the rotation moves clockwise. Each participant is then dealt one card at a time until no more cards can be dealt. In a four-person game, this means each player receives 13 cards.


After the deal, the players assess their cards and bid on how many tricks they could win in the round. For example, if a player sees that he has three Aces and some high-ranking cards, he determines that he could probably win seven tricks; thus, he is bidding “seven.”

Bidding begins with the player on the dealer’s left and proceeds clockwise. There are also called blind bids and nil bids. A blind bid is a bid made without looking at the cards, while a nil bid is a ZERO bid. If you’re making a blind or nil bid, ensure that you hit the goal because if not, points will be deducted. Successful blind and nil bids also incur bonuses.

When playing as a team, the number of bids by each teammate is totaled. This acts as the goal that each team must try to attain.

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Spades Card Game Addiction: Cause and Symptoms

Post publication date: October 21, 2022

If you like playing addiction Solitaire, you know that nothing compares to playing it, whether with a real deck or on a computer or phone. Its portability is one of the reasons why many people are becoming permanently addicted to Spades card games. If you can’t help thinking of playing it, chances are you are already addicted to it.

Spades players

Since the Solitaire card game is a popular pastime that everyone enjoys, it is easy to get addicted to it. The psychological hype of winning is the main reason people keep playing it, despite its obvious negative effect on their health and wellness. Aside from these, here are the other factors why card games can be so addicting: 

1. Card games are easy to master

Learning card games is no rocket science. Everyone can try them because there aren’t a lot of things involved. This factor entices people to gather around and play together. Different kinds of card games are available, so you can always find what’s interesting for your taste. 

2. You develop new tricks

Playing Solitaire allows you to devise tactics that can make you unbeatable. You can make yourself a master of the game in no time. It can take only a few hours a day to create winning methods. If you know when to stop, great. The issue arises when you choose to abandon your normal life to spend more time

3. You become fully absorbed in the game

While playing Spades, you can get rid of the bad thoughts by immersing yourself in the game’s allure. It can perhaps be more fun to remain in a different world.

4. You can be powerful

Solitaire card games let you enter a parallel reality. They can also provide you skills and talents that aren’t possible in the real world. Games can let you escape from reality and reduce stress. It can help you fill the gaps in your fantasies. Numerous research imply that these games can function as a stress-reduction strategy.

5. Winning streak

Everyone wants to win. Dopamine and other happy hormones are released every time you win. However, small wins can significantly impact self-esteem for some people. As your body releases more dopamine, you become happier. And when you’re happy doing something, you’ll most likely do it again. 

6. Survival skills

A game’s level of chance rises with its difficulty. You strive harder after realizing that you are losing and your opponents are winning.  To increase your chances, you sometimes succeed and other times fail. Some people may be inspired to continue doing things by the thrill of the unknown.

Playing solitaire cards

7. You’re with friends

Playing solitaire cards is a great way to spend time with your buddies. If you enjoy interacting with others, card games can do that for you. Many players claim that the sense of camaraderie offered by card games is what keeps them addicted. It gives you a reason to have a good time with friends and strangers. 

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Strategy on How to Play Addiction Solitaire

Post publication date: September 25, 2022

Game Info

Family: Non-builders type games

Decks: One deck (52 cards)

Game time: Medium

Chance of winning: Medium

Before we begin, we want to clarify that the word “addiction” in the title refers to the name of the solitaire card game and is not related to behavioral issues. Afterall, our company’s goal is to educate people on how to stop addiction.

Addiction Solitaire

You may ask why we post a blog about playing a card game. The reason is simple- we want you to know that learning card games without over-indulgence is healthy for both mind and body. Many studies reveal that Spades and other card games are good mental exercises. As long as you are a responsible player, the  addictiveness of the card game Solitaire will not be part of your bad habit.

Basic Rules in Playing Addiction Solitaire

The goal of Addiction Solitaire is to sort all four rows in ascending order from two to king. Each role must be of the same suit. For more thrill, some players assign a time limit that would force them to complete faster. Whether you would like to do it, that is up to you.

The basic rules are: after the deal, the Aces are removed to create four blank positions. So, the 52 cards were laid out in 13 columns and four rows. Then, the Aces were removed, creating four empty places. Cards can be moved into blank positions one at a time.

A card can be moved into a blank spot if it follows the previous card to the left in both suit and value. For example, a four of spades can be moved to a spot to the right of a three of space or to the left of a five of Spades in chronological order.

Addiction Solitaire Rules

Cards can only be moved in two blank spots if they follow the previous card in both suit and value. For example, a four of Spades can be moved to the spot to the right of the three of Spades. They must follow the previous card to the left based on value, so six of Hearts can only be moved to the right to pay five of Hearts.

You can move a card to a blank spot provided that the card to the left is of the same suit and have one lower rank. Remember, the objective is to create four rows of cards in chronological order and of the same suit. A two of any suits can be placed in the leftmost column. Once there, it sets the suit for the entire row.

Choose your suit carefully because it’s key to your success for the entire game. Remember that you need to make a row of chronological cards in the same suit.

Now that you know the moves, it’s time to discuss the shuffle.

You may shuffle the cards on the table three times in a single game. When you shuffle, cards not correctly placed on the board are moved to a random position. Since the cards that are already in their proper position will not move, shuffling the board will not make you lose progress. Instead, you may find yourself in a better position to advance.

Cards are deemed to be in the proper position if they are:

  • a two on the leftmost part of their row
  • of the same suit as the card to their immediate left, and that card is itself properly placed.

All leftover cards will be shuffled and redealt to the remaining spots.

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How to Stop Card Game Addiction

Post publication date: September 8, 2022

If you think that the compulsive use of video games is the only form of game addiction, you’re wrong. People can get addicted to any game, like card games, mahjong, VIP slot machines in casinos, and so much more. Like video game addiction, uncontrollable impulse to play card games also has detrimental effects on the player.

Addiction Solitaire Card Game

Why Are Card Games Addictive?

Playing card games to unwind and forget about life’s pressures for a few hours is healthy for our body and mind.  Card games are simple to learn and help build a strong connection with friends and family. It’s nice to see a family gather around the table and play cards instead of doing their own thing with their gadgets. 

It’s easy to get hooked on card games since they are a pleasant hobby everyone likes. The psychological benefits of winning are the reason why many young and old people keep returning to it. 

Online Card Games

Aside from being straightforward and fun, here are some of the most common reasons why breaking away from card games is difficult:


The winning streak phenomenon is intriguing. This behavior means that when someone is already hooked on the fun that the game brings, he will most likely do it again and again. The player believes that his winning streak is due to his talents, or he thinks his luck is on his side and he should take advantage of it. 

A winning streak, however, will end at some point. Ordinary people will be slightly disappointed when the winning run stops since they have not risked excessively. An addict, on the other hand, would behave differently if he felt the urge to raise the stakes and risk losing more money with each game played. Losing everything becomes a possibility at some point.


Most addicts are unhappy with the world their world. They feel they have done everything right, but their efforts are not appreciated. The best example is the promise of a fulfilling career and a stable life after graduating. Many people have learned that playing all the perfect cards in real life does not translate to success. 

On the other hand, with their tight rules, card games are easy to learn and follow. W when they play a game where victory is determined mainly by talent rather than luck, they finally experience the reward that has been lacking from their life. They will play the game whether they win or lose since it’s their way of escaping the bitter truth.


While everyone can play a card game, mastering it is a different story. You don’t always get to sit in the same room with others who are as committed to the game as you are. Some may not be interested in winning, while others play simply to pass the time. Victory may make you feel like the best player in the world and can be a source of pride.


Card games are a source of fun and entertainment for many people. They can be a great way to make friends, and they can also help to build stronger relationships with your existing friends. Whether you’re an old hand at card games or have never played one before, having your friends around is a strong reason to play.


Some people love collecting cards. They love the feel and smell of them. Even the way that cards are shuffled makes a lot of people happy. It’s the same feeling when you get new clothes, just because they’re new. It’s a simple fact that you can get something new that you’ve never had before. That’s what makes so many people love collecting cards.

By the way, many cards look very different from how they looked years back. Some companies hire famous artists to make their cards look nice. If you’re into art, you may be enticed to play cards frequently.

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Dealing with Video Game Addiction

Post publication date: August 22, 2022

Many people find gaming entertaining. This is because the brain reacts positively to sensory input provided by the visuals and sounds of the game as if they are real. This is the reason why many laugh or get angry while playing video games. 

When a person is engaged in a video game, his brain interprets the scenes as real. His body responds according to the emotions evoked by the game. This “fight-or-flight” reaction to an imagined situation is provoked by the game’s extreme excitement and violence. Excessive game time can cause a state of hyperarousal in the brain. 

Each person’s hyperarousal is unique. It might involve issues with paying attention, understanding emotions, managing impulses, meeting deadlines, and dealing with frustration. Some gamers have difficulty expressing sensitivity, which can lead to violence. Therefore, symptoms, causes, and effects differ from one person to another.

playing video games can be an addictive stimulus

Are Games Addictive?

Video games use cutting-edge behavioral psychology to keep you wanting for more. Immersive experiences deliver a high level of dopamine, the brain’s reward center, making you feel good every time you win a game. Over-production of this hormone can anatomically change your brain, leading to health and behavioral issues. 

Game Addiction Symptoms

Games are so engaging that it’s easy to lose track of time when playing them for hours. They allow you to retreat from the real world and make you feel good while playing.  They are friendly and create an atmosphere in which you’re relaxed and in charge.

Game developers employ controlling game design to keep their business growing. Gaming addiction occurs because video game software are billion-dollar businesses. The more people get addicted to video games, the more profits they earn.

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