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Welcome to NA-Recovery.org

All the meetings at NA-Recovery are held at 10 PM Eastern USA time - which is 9 PM Central, 8 PM Mountain, or 7 PM Pacific time.

If you are chatting by smartphone or tablet, please log out when you finish chatting and close the app. If this is not done, you will continue to connect and disconnect every few minutes. Inactive chatters that are repeatedly connecting and disconnecting will be removed from the chatroom.

If you would like to listen to some NA speakers go to NArulez.net to listen to some NA speakers.

Due to past bitter experience with predatory behavior we do not allow personal contact information in our chat room. NO email addresses, phone numbers, Instant Messenger nicknames, Facebook or any other contact information is allowed. For the safety of everyone involved, choosing to not follow this guideline will result in being kicked and banned from our chat room.

Complete Guidelines Link

By entering our chat room you have agreed to abide by these guidelines.

The Mibbit chat below is the free version offered by Mibbit. It is free for us to use, but supports itself with advertising links. NA=Recovery.org neither profits from, nor has any control over the advertising content.


NA Recovery Mibbit Chat Page

Mibbit has a translator built into it if English is not your first language. El enlace Mibbit en esta página ha construido en un traductor para ayudarle a charlar. Este chat es sólo para hablar en Inglés.

This free version of Mibbit is supported by serving up advertisments. Na-recovery.org has no control over advertising served, nor does NA-Recovery.org profit from these ads beyond the use of the Mibbit chat service for free,

Mibbit’s Home Page - NOT NA-Recovery’s Chat Room

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