Online Meeting Formats

Open Topic Discussion
Open Topic Discussions are open to topic suggestions from members. Often a member will suggest a topic, such as "recovery and relapse" that they either would like to share about, or that they would like to hear from other members on. Usually open topic meetings include several topics, so that members have a choice of recovery topics to discuss. If a member has something to discuss that is not on the list of topics, they may share on anything affecting their recovery. These meetings tend to take on a life of their own, as members find new messages in what is shared, the topics may shift. The chairperson will either suggest a topic or ask for suggestions. To volunteer a topic, or to volunteer to share, members raise their hands by typing an exclamation point (!). Our focus here is open discussion of what is currently affecting our recovery, with one person sharing at a time, if they so choose, while the room is moderated so that no one is interrupted during their share.
12 and 12
Our "12 and 12" meeting focuses on one step and one tradition each week. The readings from each are posted to the chat room for all attendees to read. If they are posted too quickly, it is possible to scroll up and finish the readings. Members are free to share on the step, the tradition, a combination of the two, or whatever else is currently affecting their recovery. To volunteer, members raise their hands by typing an exclamation point (!). The steps and traditions represent the basics of recovery, and this format allows all members to exchange ideas and thoughts about working through the steps and traditions, and to share how they are currently working in their lives. Members are welcome to share on any other topic affecting their recovery as well, and the room is moderated while each person shares, if they choose to do so.
The Ask-It-Basket is a fun, interactive meeting. The chairperson draws from a list of questions posted by our members on our forum. To volunteer, a member raises their hand by typing an exclamation point (!) and chooses a number. The number corresponds to a random question from the list, and the person sharing then has the opportunity to answer the question. The serendipity in this meeting often leads people to share about topics they might not have originally thought of, and many enjoy rolling the dice to see what question they get to answer. If there are many people at the meeting, members may be asked to keep shares to five or ten minutes to allow time afterward for discussion. After the question and answer period, there is time for people to share on whatever is affecting their recovery. Just For Today
The Just for Today format uses the daily meditation from the book, Just For Today as the basis for meditation and discussion. The "Just for Today" meditation is posted for all members attending the meeting to read and reflect on, and the central theme of the meditation is used as the topic for the meeting. To volunteer, members raise their hands by typing an exclamation point (!). If desired, members may also request another "Just for Today" meditation reading for the chairperson to post. Members are also welcome to share on whatever else is currently affecting their recovery. The room is moderated while members share so that no one is interrupted. Spiritual Principles
Our Pick a Spiritual Principle meeting is a great way to share and learn about Narcotics Anonymous' Spiritual Principles. We pick 3 Spiritual Principles for each meeting and share what they mean to us. Recovery helps us to grow spiritually and this meeting is a great way to get new perspectives on spirituality. Please come and share your experience, strength and hope. Speaker
A speaker meeting begins with one addict sharing their story, or sharing for a while on a designated topic, such as a few steps, or one of the principles of recovery. The speaker often shares for half an hour to an hour, depending on how much they have to share, and afterward the floor is opened up for others to share as in a normal meeting. This is a chance for one person to share their experience, strength, and hope so that others may relate to their story, and the feelings that bring us all to recovery.

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