Our Trusted Servants Team

Rider: Chat Room Trusted Servant, Chairperson

Kat: Chat Room Trusted Servant, Forum - Message Board Administrator

Lon/TheAnnoyingTwit: Chat Room Trusted Servant, Web Site Administrator, Forum - Message Board Administrator, Chairperson

Ted: Chat Room Trusted Servant, Chairperson

RecoveryMJ: Chairperson

Eggbeater: Chat Room Trusted Servant, Chairperson

Sean_A: Chat Room Trusted Servant, Chairperson


This is the NA-Recovery Online Narcotics Anonymous Groups "Trusted Servants" team. We work together to keep the chatroom focused on recovery, and to share the experience, strength and hope we found in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous. Our mission in the chat room is to carry the message of recvoery - the Narcotics Anonymous way.


The NA message board (AKA forum) is another place provided to carry the message of recovery. Unlike the chat room, the message remains posted for any addict to see, at any time - on any day - that they are seeking the new way to live that we learn in Narcotics Anonymous. We livre our lives drug free, by choice, a choice that we never thought we had before we found recovery with other clean addicts.

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