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Narcotics Anonymous - The Basic Text - Sixth Edition

The Basic Text is just that, the basic text of Narcotics Anonymous. It includes and expands upon the readings in "The Little White Booklet," and is the cornerstone of the Narcotics Anonymous program. The Sixth Edition includes stories not previously published in earlier editions, written by Narcotics Anonymous members from all over the world.

"This book is the shared experience of the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous. We welcome you to read this text, hoping that you will choose to share with us the new life that we have found. We have by no means found a cure for addiction. We offer only a proven plan for daily recovery." Introduction, p. xxv.

It Works: How and Why Large Print Edition

It Works: How and Why details the application of the steps and traditions of Narcotics Anonymous. It includes readings on each step and tradition, and discusses how they can be applied and encourages further thought and meditation on the process of recovery.

"The purpose of this portion of the book is to invite members to engage in a journey of recovery and to serve as a resource in gaining a personal understanding of the spiritual principles in the Twelve Steps of Narcotics Anonymous. This portion of the book explores the spiritual principles in each step and how we experience them in our lives. We believe that the steps are presented in a manner that encompasses the diversity of our fellowship and is reflective of the spiritual awakening described in our Twelfth Step." Book One: The Twelve Steps. p.8

"The book seeks to explore the spiritual principles within the traditions, engage members with the spirit�not the law�of the traditions, and provide a basis for thought and discussion about the traditions. This portion of the book is not meant to fulfill every need for every group or every member; rather, it is to be a book that will generate discussion and allow for local interpretation of the practical application of the principles contained in the traditions." Book Two: The Twelve Traditions. p.95

NA White booklet - Narcotics Anonymous

The White Booklet includes the "essentials" of the Narcotics Anonymous program. It includes the Serenity Prayer, and selections from, "Who is an Addict?" "How It Works," "What Can I Do?" "The Twelve Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous," "Recovery and Relapse," "Just for Today," and "Personal Stories."

"Recovery as experienced through our Twelve Steps is our goal, not mere physical abstinence. To improve ourselves takes effort, and since there is no way in the world to graft a new idea on a closed mind, an opening must be made somehow. Since we can do this only for ourselves, we need to recognize two of our seemingly inherent enemies, apathy and procrastination. Our resistance to change seems built in, and only a nuclear blast of some kind will bring about any alteration or initiate another course of action." Excerpted from "Recovery and Relapse."

Introductory Guide to NA, Revised

The introductory guide to NA includes information from multiple Informational Pamphlets, including Am I an Addict?, For the Newcomer, Recovery and Relapse, and Sponorship, Revised among others. The informational pamphlets are a included in their entirety. If you're looking for a general introduction to the Narcotics Anonymous program, this is a great place to start reading.

In Times of Illness

In Times of Illness is a guide for addicts in Narcotics Anonymous, offering suggestions and support during times when we are faced with taking necessary medication, or when facing health issues which may compromise our recovery. For many addicts this booklet offers much needed insight into how to maintain recovery when struggling with health issues. The pamphlet suggests being open and honest with both our sponsors and friends in recovery, and with our attending physicians, and being honest about our status as recovering addicts.

"Recovery does not guarantee us freedom from living life on life�s terms. In Narcotics Anonymous we can learn to accept the reality of life, which sometimes brings us illness or injury. We�ve learned in NA that we can apply spiritual principles to help us get through these difficult times. When we admit that we are powerless, we can accept our illness and any necessary medical treatment. It may help to admit that we are also powerless over the feelings we experience when we are ill.

Illness or injury is stressful, and stress can place us at risk of relapse. Often, we need the NA program even more when we are faced with illness. We can prepare ourselves for these stressful times by doing our best each day to lay a strong foundation in recovery. The steps we take today will serve us well when we need them." In Times of Illness, p.1

Recovery and Relapse

Recovery and Relapse offers suggestions to members, both on maintaining a strong program of recovery, and on coming back to the program after a relapse. This pamphlet places an important distinction between "abstinence" and recovery, and acknowledges that for many addicts, relapse is a part of their story, and their path to lasting recovery.

"Although all addicts are basically the same in kind, we do, as individuals, differ in degree of sickness and rate of recovery. There may be times when a relapse lays the groundwork for complete freedom. At other times that freedom can only be achieved by a grim and obstinate willfulness to hang on to abstinence, come hell or high water, until a crisis passes. An addict who by any means can lose, even for a time, the need or desire to use, and has free choice over impulsive thinking and compulsive action, has reached a turning point that may be the decisive factor in his recovery. The feeling of true independence and freedom hangs here at times in the balance. To step out alone and run our own lives again draws us, yet we seem to know that what we have has come from dependence on a Power greater than ourselves and from the giving and receiving of help from others in acts of empathy." Recovery and Relapse, p.1

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