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How do I change my nickname?
To change your nickname type: "/nick newnickname" without the quotation marks, starting with the slash.
Example: /nick JohnDoe will change your name to "JohnDoe."

Should I register my nickname?
If you plan on chatting regularly, under the same name, registering your nickname is a good idea, provided you are going to remember your password and be ready to in put it when you log on.

How do I register my nickname? To register your nickname type: "/msg nickserv register yourpassword youremail"
Example: /msg nickserv register peaches
Be sure to use your real email address, as that is the only way for you to regain your password if you forget it.

How can I protect my nickname?
On our chat network, Geekshed, you don't have to identify yourself unless you want to. However, if you have a special status in a room (such as op or hop) that won't be recognized until you identify yourself with your password.
To protect your nickname type: "/msg nickserv set kill on" without quotation marks. This will give you 60 seconds to identify yourself before changing your nickname to "Guest." Turning this feature on keeps people from using your nickname without identifying.
Example: /msg nickserv set kill on

How do I identify myself? To identify yourself with Nickserv type: "/msg nickserv identify password" without the quotation marks, and replacing the word "password" with the password you set when you registered.
Example: /msg nickserv identify peaches

Programs available to connect with a chatroom
Pidgin Used as a multi-messenger, pretty easy to configure and set up.
mIRC Is a common IRC client, free to use, $20 to register. (Optional)
Miranda IM Used as a multi-messenger for multiple platforms, including IRC.

Wikipedia has a helpful list of more clients Here.

To access via a standalone IRC client
Port: 6667
Room name: #narecovery

To access the room via WikkedWire's Java applet, go Here
You can also access the room through your own IRC client using this link: irc://

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