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Many of us did not think that we had a problem with drugs until the drugs ran out. Even when others told us that we had a problem, we were convinced that we were right and the world was wrong. We used this belief to justify our self-destructive behavior. We developed a point of view that enabled us to pursue our addiction without concern for our own well-being or the well-being of others. We began to feel that the drugs were killing us long before we could ever admit it to anyone else. We noticed that if we tried to stop using, we couldn’t. We suspected that we had lost control over the drugs and had no power to stop.
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After 8 years of holding a NA meeting every night, this group held a vote and came to a group conscience that we believe so strongly of the need to attend local meetings, that this chat room will be closing after the meeting on Sunday, October 8th 2017. We fear we are injuring and killing addicts by providing a place to avoid going to local meetings, and cannot continue to do so in good conscience.

This website is the gathering place of an online group of addicts. This website and group are not endorsed by, or representative of, Narcotics Anonymous as a whole. We are simply a group of addicts who have come together to find recovery, just like every other NA group in the world. We in NO way endorse or promote online meetings and fellowship as a substitute for local Narcotics Anonymous meetings. NA is not a social club, it is addicts coming together with a unity of purpose - to help each other stay clean.

- Tradition Four - "Each Group should be autonomous, except in matters affecting other Groups, or N.A. as a whole."

Unlike some "Recovery" chatrooms and websites that spend money to advertise and ask for donations to keep their website and chatroom open - this NA Group is fully self-supported by its regular members. We would suggest that if you wish to donate to Narcotics Anonymous - Please donate directly to Narcotics Anonymous World Services or to your local Area Service Committee - so the money donated by you goes to spread the message of recovery to the still suffering addict.

Welcome to our little corner of online Narcotics Anonymous. While we do not suggest that online NA meetings or fellowship is a replacement for attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings in your home town, we do find it useful in our recovery as a supplemental tool to help us to stay drug free. The concept of "identification" with other addicts is why NA works. We have found that addicts around the world are the same. What particular drug we used does not matter. An addict is an addict. When we focus on any one particular drug, we are ignoring a simple truth; Addiction is not about the drug, it is a matter of how we think... how we feel... our spiritual condition.

NA-Recovery has an online chatroom where we hold Narcotics Anonymous meetings every night. We also have a Narcotics Anonymous forum (or message board). The forum is another place to share our experience strength and hope with other addicts. There are personal stories, suggestions about the 12 steps and the 12 traditions, & questions and answers about recovery and life in general. There is a sub-forum for recovery humor and a spot for addicts to post their own creative work - poetry, artwork, stories...whatever moves you. Come and join other recovering addicts celebrating the miracle of their recovery.

NA is a fellowship based on the concept of spirituality - not religion. We believe that addiction is a disease of the spirit. Our Narcotics Anonymous literature speaks of "God as we understand him".. a way of thinking that is not even necessarily limited to "him". Addicts of almost all spiritual belief systems have found a place where they belong, in NA's rooms of recovery. Athiest, agnostic, theist, christian, hindu, muslim, buddhist... it does not matter to us. All of us have found Narcotics Anonymous' spiritual concepts useful to us. These spiritual concepts fit into our lives and enhance our lives. A few years ago NA's primary literature, a book which we call "The Basic Text", made an astounding leap - more "Basic Texts" were printed in Farsi and sold in Iran than were printed and sold in english speaking countries.

The message we as addicts carry to the still suffering addict is simple - "Just for today, WE NEVER HAVE TO USE AGAIN." The twelve steps of Narcotics Anonymous frees us to live in today, instead of being stuck in resentments from our past - or in fears of the future. We are freed from the prison of active addiction by the application of spiritual principles in our lives. Honesty, openmindedness, and willingness are three of these principles, the foundation for the rest of our recovery.

The members of this online Narcotics Anonymous community participate here for several reasons. The internet is on the leading edge of how people seek information today, therefore still suffering addicts seeking information on how to quit using and find a new way to live find the information they need online. This is our part of the 12th step - "Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to addicts, and to practice these principles in all our affairs." We do not propose that an online recovery environment is sufficient for recovery. This group's philosophy is that online NA is a supplement to face to face recovery, NOT a replacement.

Come on in and visit our NA chatroom. Our moderators can help you to find Narcotics Anonymous meetings in your home town, they can find NA hotline phone numbers in your area, and they can direct you to online sources of Narcotics Anonymous literature. NA has no fees or dues to pay. We make no promises to anyone. We swear no oaths. What we do is: we share our experience strength and hope with each other. Narcotics Anonymous means that no addict need ever be stuck in their addiction alone. The old lie that "Once an addict always an addict" is dead. We do remain addicts...but today, in recovery, we have a choice - We never have to use again.. there is a new way of life available to all addicts who seek it out. That way is found with other clean addicts in Narcotics Anonymous.

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